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What You Need to Know About a Moving Company


There are basically only 3 kinds of moving companies, a full-service, self- service and hiring a moving truck. The full-service moving company will load, unload and pack all your belongings. A self-service one is where the people that are moving will pack and unpack all their belongings and the removal firm will load and unload for them. The final one is where you will hire the truck yourself and do everything alone, this includes driving the truck to your new destination.


Prices do range depending on various factors, such as the pricing policy of each company, how much you want moved, how many people are needed to move your belongings, how many hours the whole job will take, what time in the day you are moving, etc. Other prices include insurance to pay for any damage incurred. Full-service movers are obviously the most expensive, hiring a moving truck is the cheapest, and self-service falls somewhere between the other two.


Sadly, like with anything, there are some scam artists, this usually means raising the price on the actual moving day. Although almost every moving company is reputable, you need to do your homework on each one before you make your final decision. Look each one up with the Better Business Bureau to see if there have been any complaints filed against them, and if so, how were they resolved.


The FMCSA governs all interstate moves, which means all full and self-service movers need to by law to give each customer a handbook known as “Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move.” This is available online, but red flags should pop up if any potential moving companies do not give you a copy.


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